Rockville Centre Trigger Point Injection

Trigger point injections in Rockville Centre

Rockville Centre trigger point injection

Rockville Centre trigger point injection

Are you sick of suffering from the pain, discomfort, and debilitation of your Trigger point? Call our office at the practice of Robert Lanter DO to learn about your options in terms of receiving a Rockville Centre trigger point injection. With our help, you’ll be regaining functionality and taking part in your favorite acitvities again in no time!

At the practice of Robert Lanter DO, our team of specialists is proud to offer top tier service and pain relief to our fellow members of the Rockville Centre community and beyond. We believe our patients’ health and happiness is paramount, so we go the extra mile to ensure that our patients of all ages feel comfortable, respected, and at-ease from the moment they walk through our office door. We have the best equipment and the most advanced training, plus an understanding of how important it is to educate patients about the pro’s and con’s of different treatment paths and the causes and effects of their conditions, allowing them to take an active role in carving out a personalized treatment path that works perfectly for their lifestyle, goals, and budget. Our wide variety of services includes the treatment of painful conditions and injuries like fibromyalgia, neck, low back, and joint pain, arthritic conditions, pinched nerves in the neck and back, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathies including those related to diabetes, sports related injuries, and other kinds of injuries like those secondary to motor vehicle accidents and related to work. We can offer our patients individualized evaluations and treatments, medical consultation including appropriate neurodiagnostic testing, trigger point injections for conditions such as painful muscle spasms and sciatica, osteopathic manipulative therapy, acupuncture for painful conditions, smoking, anxiety, and weight loss, medically supervised weight loss, and medicine acupuncture.

To learn more about receiving Rockville Centre trigger point injection, call our office at the practice of Dr. Robert Lanter DO!

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